Structural Steel Detailing Services in Massachusetts

Structural Steel Detailing Services in Massachusetts| Steel Detailing Services Massachusetts| Steel Detailing Services | Structural Steel Detailing in Massachusetts

Global Detailing Consultant is a leading provider of steel detailing services in Massachusetts. We are a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals who specialize in providing structural steel detailing services to our customers. Our services include 3D modeling, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, erection drawings and more. We ensure that all our projects are completed with utmost precision and accuracy.

We offer a wide range of services including: Steel Structural Design Services Inspection and Assessment Services Fabrication Drawing Services. Steel Structural Detailing Services Steel Frame Modeling Services Steel Detailing We do not offer 3D modeling and fabrication services for steel projects.

With years of experience in the field, we have built an excellent reputation for delivering quality results to our clients. Our team is committed to offering the best steel detailing services in Massachusetts that can help you save time and money while ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. We have an extensive knowledge of steel components, fabricating and metal fabrication, and are enlisted with the highest standards of quality.

Our steel detailing services are offered in Cambridge and the surrounding communities. From the initial consultation to the finished project, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Our dedicated staff of experts can offer suggestions for alternative solutions and give valuable feedback on your design.

Structural Steel Detailing Services in Massachusetts

Our team of skilled, professional steel detailing experts can help you with any project you may have, including: Repairing steel beams Re-welding and re-bolting Fabricating and assembling steel structures Coating and plating steel components Building or expanding straightening, jacking, or shoring steel frames We provide the following services to help you with your project: Structural steel detailing such as Erection Drawings with assembly and member numbering, base plate details, anchor bolt drawings, steel member detail drawings, stair and handrail details, connection details, framing plans, bolt lists and sequencing reports.

Rebar Detailing such as bar bending schedules, tilt-up panel and detailing of all structural components for new or renovated RCC buildings.

Steel Shop Drawings and fabrication drawings.

Post tension detailing such as tendon profile and field replacement drawings for building components like slabs, panels, joist, beams and girders.

Global Detailing Consultant is an experienced steel detailing & connection engineering firm that caters to a wide range of projects. They have built their reputation in the industry by providing quality services for projects ranging from 500 tons to 22000 tons and beyond.

Our team of specialists provide a comprehensive range of detailing services for all kinds of steel, composite, concrete, masonry, wooden, modular & pre-stress structures. We also specialize in post tensioned structures so that you receive the most accurate detailing solutions. for your project. Our facility is well-equipped with the latest waterjet cutting and fabrication equipment, as well as some of the finest tools available for electrostatic painting, powder coating and sand blasting.

Our experienced team offers a wide range of Steel Detailing Services, from Structural Steel to Joist Detailing and Reinforcement. With years of experience, our services can help get the job done quickly and accurately. Steel Detailing Services are available in just about any size. , shape, and type of steel.

We include in structural steel detailing services:

Metal Stud Wall                               Rebar Detailing

Steel Frame Structure Detail        Concrete Slab On Metal Deck Detail

Steel Roof Structure Detail           Steel Staircase Section

Steel Frame Detail                          Steel Stair Detailing

Portal Frame Connections            Steel Staircase Railing Design

Aluminium Façade Detail              Metal Stair Detail

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing       Revit Structural Detailing

Steel Balcony Detail                         Steel Structure Roof Detail

Steel Roof Detail Drawing             Steel Beam Detail

Metal Façade Detail                        Staircase Steel Drawing

Metal Handrail Detail                     Metal Staircase Detail Drawing

Round Steel Column Detail           Steel Stud Box Beam

Steel Stringer Staircase Detail     Metal Stud Framing Details

Industrial steel detailing                Structural steel detailing

Miscellaneous steel detailing        Shop drawing production

BIM modelling                                  Fabrication support

Structural Steel Detailing               Structural 3D Modelling

Fabrication Drawings                      Steel Estimation

Erection Connection Drawing

Specialization services we provide in Steel Modelling Services?

Quality Take-off Services              Advanced Bill of Materials

Steel Joint and Detailing                Drawing Index

Steel Estimation                                Fittings Drawings

Connection Sketches

Our Portfolio

Following are the Construction Projects We Have Catered So Far:

Commercial – Industrial – Highways

Civil – Healthcare – Educational

Multi-Use Residential – Institutional – Retail

Restaurants – Offices – Cogeneration Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants – Warehouses

Procedure we followed by Global Detailing Consultant for Steel Detailing?

We follow the configuration which helps us get the comprehensive knowledge of your idea, scope and time estimation for your requirements.

Requirement Evaluation               Detailed Analysis of Structural Steel

Design Review                                 Detailing Review

Expert Opinion                                Discussion on Recommendations

Changes Incorporated                   Final Submission

Our Main Areas of Massachusetts for Structural Detailing Services:

Global Detailing Consultant manages to serve a diverse range of clients throughout the different counties of Massachusetts that are as follows:

Barnstable County           Berkshire County

Bristol County                   Dukes County

Essex County                     Franklin County

Hampden County             Hampshire County

Middlesex County           Nantucket County

Norfolk County                 Plymouth County

Suffolk County                 Worcester County

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