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Global Detailing Consultant offers excellent, reliable, and affordable MEP Design and MEP Drafting Services, MEP Shop Drawings, MEP Services, MEP Modeling Services, HVAC Design and HVAC Duct Design, HVAC Piping Design, HVAC Layout Design, HVAC Drafting Services, HVAC Drawings, Plumbing Design and Plumbing Drawings Services for all clients across the USA, UK , Canada, Australia, Middle East and Europe. Numerous projects that require prefabricated components are in need of shop drawings that focus on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects.

With an enthusiastic team of experts, it is possible to create MEP shop drawings that cater to the requirements and specifications of individual clients. With appropriate knowledge, ample training, and adequate experience, our professionals are capable of coming up with solutions to suit your project.

Why is Global Detailing Consultant ideal partner for an engineering project? As a steel structural and detailing consultant, we have completed numerous projects with success. Our timely delivery of excellent nature, expertise in the relevant field, and focus on the details make us one of the best choices for any project in the industry.

MEP Design and Drafting
MEP Design and Drafting

When you require detailed MEP Shop Drawings for your project, reach out to us. We will be able to complete the task on time, make it a cost-effective choice, and ensure the quality of the work.

MEP Services

  • Mechanical Drafting Service
  • Cooling and Heating Load Calculations
  • Ventilation Calculations
  • Equipment Selection
  • Diffuser and Ducting Layout
  • Exhaust Systems Layout
  • Centralized Air Conditioning Systems
  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Airside and Waterside risers
  • HVAC Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Fire and Sprinkler Drawings
  • Public Health/Hydraulic Design Drawings
  • Mechanical Pipework Drawings
  • Mechanical Schematic Drawings
  • Electrical Schematic Drawings
  • Tender/Bid MEP Drawings
  • Contract MEP Drawings
  • Coordinated Drawings
  • Construction MEP Drawings
  • Installation Drawings
  • Penetration/Builderswork MEP Drawings
  • Manufacturing MEP Drawings
  • Spool MEP Drawings
  • MEP Shop Drawings
  • Prefabrication MEP Drawings
  • Module MEP Drawings
  • As-fitted Drawings/As-installed MEP Drawings
MEP Electrical Design and Drafting
  • Building Power Systems
  • Communication and Data Systems
  • Interior and Exterior Lightning and Controls
  • Photometric Calculations
  • Short Circuit Calculations
  • Single line diagrams
  • Electrical panel layout and distribution panel
Plumbing Design and Drafting Service
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Distribution
  • Sanitary and Storm Drainage
  • Venting
  • Laboratory Waste Collection and Treatment
  • Laboratory Gas distribution
  • Landscape/irrigation water supply systems
  • Riser Diagrams
  • Photometric Calculations
MEP Plumbing and Firefighting Service
  • Piping Design and Drafting service
  • Design Calculations
  • Plumbing & Firefighting As-built Drawings
Global Detailing Consultant Software expertise:
  • AutoCAD
  • Revit
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • Pro/Eneingeer
  • Microstation

Global Detailing Consultant Experts in following Industries:

  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Industrial & Institutional Buildings
  • Healthcare Units like hospitals
  • Pharma Laboratories
  • Various types of Government Projects
  • Telecommunications
Our Clients:
  • Multi-disciplinary design consultants
  • Mechanical and electrical design engineers
  • Sustainability MEP consultants
  • Specialist design consultants (fire, acoustic, sustainability, etc.)
  • M&E contractors and MEP trades
  • MEP-focused module manufacturers
  • DFMA manufacturers requiring MEP components
  • Facilities management firms
The International Standards Global Detailing Consultant Proficient On.
  • IECC – International Energy Conservation Code
  • ASHRAE standards – The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards
  • NFPA codes – National Fire Protection Association codes
  • AEDG – Advanced Energy Design Guide
  • AS 1668.2 – Australian Standards for The use of mechanical ventilation and air conditioning in buildings
  • AS1851-2005 – Australian Standards for Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment
  • AS/NZS 3666 – Joint Australian New Zealand Standard
  • NBN standards – S21-200, S21-201, S21-202, S21-203, N S21-207
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