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Steel Detailing And Connection Design Services | Structural Steel Connections Design Services | Structural Steel Connections Design Services

Structural Steel Connections and Steel Detailing Services Company

Global Detailing Consultant offers reliable and consistent Steel Structural Detailing | Connection design Services |Structural Steel & Misc. Steel Detailing | Connection Design & Member Design | Structural 3D Modeling | Structural Steel Detailing | Shop/Fabrication Drawings | Miscellaneous Metals Detailing | Connection Design & Member Design Services | Connection Design (Bolted & Welded) | Analysis & Design of Structures that ensure excellent quality and exceptional accuracy. Importance of these services for the manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, General Contractor, Steel Fabricator, EPC Firm and other sectors make it one of primary points to focus on for clients across the globe.

Detailed drawings for the construction of diverse structures as well as plans and estimates are necessary for contractors and fabricators. The Structural Steel Detailing also forms the link between the entities involved in the engineering project. With so much emphasis on its importance, you cannot but choose the best consultants for the job.

Steel Detailing and Connection Design Services at Global Detailing Consultant Group, we provide a comprehensive range of services that includes steel detailing and connection design. Our expert team of professionals uses the latest technology and software to create detailed and accurate steel detailing drawings that are customized to meet the specific needs of each project. In addition, we also specialize in the design of structural steel connections, ensuring that every component is properly integrated into the design.

Structural Steel Connections and Steel Detailing Services
Structural Steel Connections and Steel Detailing Services

Our steel detailing services include the preparation of detailed plans, sections, and elevations of structural steel components, including beams, columns, braces, and connections. We also provide detailed material lists, fabrication details, and assembly drawings to ensure that every component is precisely fabricated and installed. Our connection design services include the design of bolted and welded connections, as well as the specification of the appropriate hardware and materials.

At Global Detailing Consultant Group, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that meet or exceed your expectations. Our experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the steel detailing and connection design industry, and we work closely with your team to understand your project requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our structural steel connections design.

Our team of engineers is knowledgeable and trained in their domain. Moreover, they are also equipped with the latest know-how in the field and have years of experience to help them complete the task at hand with focus on the quality and accuracy. Timely completion of the projects also makes us one of the best choices for the job.

Global Detailing Consultant Steel Detailing and Drafting Services
  • Shop Drawings
  • Steel Detailing and Modeling services
  • Steel Fabrication Detailing and Drawings
  • Miscellaneous Steel Detailing
  • Conveyors Detailing and Design
  • Industrial Steel Structures Detailing
  • Conveyors & Hoppers Detailing
  • 3D Steel Modelling
  • 3D BIM Erection Drawings
  • 3D Modelling
  • Framing Plan Detailing
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Erection Plan Detailing
  • ABM(Advance bill of Material)
  • Anchor Bolt Setting Plans
  • Embed Plans
  • Field Used Drawings/Erection Drawings
  • Part Drawings
  • TRUSS Detailing
  • Coordination Drawings and designs
  • Connection Sketches
  • General Structural Steel Detailing
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Miscellaneous Metals Detailing
  • Shop/Fabrication Drawings
  • Steel detailing for process industry piping
  • Calculating center of gravity modules
  • BOMs and Material takeoffs
  • Anchor setting plans
  • Shop bolt summary
  • Steel detailing for I-Beam & H-Beams sections
  • Column-Beam joints steel detailing
  • Post-tension detailing
  • Pipe supporting structure
  • Monorail supporting structure
  • Misc. steel detailing
  • Shop / Fabrication drawing
  • Bolted connection details
  • Structural 3d modeling
  • Industrial structures
  • Commercial buildings
  • BIM structural models
  • Industrial pipe rack assembly
  • Industrial structural steel
  • Modular industrial pipe rack
  • Railing floors and stairs
  • Beam drawings
  • Column drawings
  • Landing platforms
Global Detailing Consultant provide calculations for structural steel connections subject to any loading condition. We are licensed in 46 States.
  • Project Standard Shear Connections
  • Single Angle
  • Double Angle
  • Shear Tab
  • Coped Beam
  • Axially Loaded Beam Connections
  • Moment Connections
  • Truss Connections
  • Vertical Bracing Connections
  • Shear-only Connection
  • Shear and axial Connection
  • Horizontal shear Connection
  • Connection Drawings
  • Designs per LRFD, ASD, BS and SI Standards
  • Detailed calculations and complete text
We Produce Following Reports & Files :
  • Field /Shop Bolt List
  • CNC Files
  • DXF Files
  • KISS Files
  • IFC Files
  • DWG format
  • .DXF formats
  • .DWF formats
  • .PDF formats
Global Detailing Consultant core expertise in Steel Detailing and Connection Designing in following area.
  • Industrial Structures.
  • Mining Structures.
  • Factory Sheds.
  • Warehouses.
  • Schools.
  • Shopping Complexes.
  • Community Centers.
  • Churches.
  • Residential Structures.
  • Equipment Supporting Structures & Platforms.
  • Fired Heater Structures.
  • Chutes & Bin
  • Commercial industrial facilities
  • Freestanding towers & telecommunication infrastructure
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Seismic upgrading of existing structures
International Standards followed by Global Detailing Consultant:
  • NISD – National Institute of Steel Detailing
  • AISC – American Institute of Steel Construction
  • American Welding Society
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  • Brazilian Steel Institute (IBS)
  • British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA)
  • The European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries
  • Swedish Institute of steel construction (SBI)
  • Malaysian Structural Steel Association (MSSA)
  • Japanese Society of Steel Construction
  • African Iron & Steel Association

Structural Steel Detailing Services require professionals who can ensure skill and efficiency. But they need to fit within the budget too. Get in touch with Global Detailing to get competitive price quotes for the services.

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