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Precast Detailing | Structural Precast Detailing | Precast Detailing Services

Global Detailing Consultant serving precast concrete industry for over a decade. We are provides precast detailing services and precast concrete detailing services to precast concrete structures that have applications in garages, workshops, storage go-downs, commercial structures and multi-level residential buildings etc. We have professional precast detailers that help us to cater to clients across continents. Global Detailing Consultant is known for high standards of quality, reliability, cost effectiveness and timeliness for precast detailing projects. Relentless and dedicated efforts of our expert professionals have helped us to achieve this unquestionable status in the precast concrete industry. We have excellent infrastructure base and we use latest technology for precast detailing. It enables us to provide maximum output with higher quality.

Precast detailing is the process of creating detailed drawings and models of precast concrete structures, including beams, columns, walls, and slabs. Structural precast detailing involves the creation of detailed drawings and models of precast concrete structures that are used to support the weight of the building or structure. Precast detailing services are essential for the successful completion of construction projects involving precast concrete structures.

The precast detailing process typically involves gathering information about the project requirements, reviewing engineering documentation, and conducting field surveys to ensure accuracy. Skilled professionals use the latest AutoCAD technology to create detailed drawings and models that include information about the placement of reinforcing steel and other components.

Structural precast detailing services ensure that the precast structures are designed to meet the project requirements and comply with industry standards and regulations. The services involve the selection of materials, design of connections, and detailing of components to ensure that the precast structures can withstand the loads and stresses they will be subjected to during construction and operation.

Overall, precast detailing services are crucial for the success of construction projects involving precast concrete. With the help of a precast detailing professional, companies will have an easier time meeting deadlines and minimizing project failures.

Precast Detailing

Global Detailing Consultant impressive structural precast detailing services includes precast concrete detailing, precast concrete panels and precast concrete walls detailing services. Our mission is to take predefined information and to create drawings and data sheets which can be used by the fabricator and site constructor and to create the desired structure to the highest possible accuracy and quality. Our professional precast detailers have successfully completed worldwide precast detailing projects as per the client’s requirement and their standard.

Our Precast Detailing Services at the most competitive prices:

  • Erection Drawing & member design
  • Embedment plan.
  • Shop Details for:
  • Wall Panel (insulated, solid & architectural)
  • Double Tee
  • Non load bearing & Load bearing Spandrel
  • Rectangular & Inverted Tee Beam
  • Column
  • Hollow Core Slab
  • Column Cover & cornices
  • Column Cap
  • Flat Slab
  • Hardware Detail & Hardware Count
  • Lifting & Handling Detail

Why Outsource to Global Detailing Consultant:

  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Fast understand your needs
  • Customized project process
  • Low turnaround time
  • Speedier Services Delivery
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