Structural Steel Detailing Services in North Carolina

Structural Steel Detailing Services in North Carolina | Steel Detailing Services North Carolina | Detailing Services | Structural Steel Detailing in North Carolina

If you are looking for a reliable Steel Detailing Services provider in North Carolina, Global Detailing Consultant is the answer. We provide quality steel detailing services to our clients in North Carolina with the help of our highly experienced and trained professionals. Why Global Detailing Consultant? The professionals at our steel detailing service firm are highly skilled and well-trained in their field. Our staff members have years of experience, which enables them to provide the best possible solution for your steel job. We also have access to the latest tools and equipment, which allows us to handle even complex jobs. Our company also delivers high-quality services by providing solutions such as stainless steel cleaning solutions and other beneficial cleaning aids.

Our services include steel detailing for residential and commercial projects, structural engineering, 3D modeling and more. With our state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge solutions, we are able to deliver high quality services at competitive prices.

Structural Steel Detailing Services in North Carolina

We also offer customized solutions that meet the needs of each individual project. Contact us today to get the best Steel Detailing Services in North Carolina! Our Steel Detailing Services in North Carolina include: Anchor Bolt Setting Plan Arrangements and Anchor Rod & Template details, Concrete Embeds Layouts and Details, All types of Columns, Beams and Bracings. All types of Steel Trusses. All types of Stairs. All types of Ladders. All Types of Handrails and Guardrails Layouts and Details. Gratings and Floor Plates Layouts and Details. Girt arrangement and detail drawings (structural shapes). Preparation of Unfolded drawings for Pipe materials. Single part drawings /Gather Sheets preparation. Pipe Rack Supporting Structures.

Global Detailing Consultant is committed to providing top-notch structural steel shop, miscellaneous steel shop, rebar shop and precast shop drawings that meet the deadline. Their aim is to always produce high-quality results in a timely manner.

Our shop drawings are accurately and carefully crafted to help our customers speed up fabrication and erection processes. Our experienced detailers, drafters, engineers and checkers work together to create the best shop drawings that are sure to meet your high expectations.

Our team makes sure to keep in touch with our customers so we can understand their exact needs. This way, we make sure to get it right the first time and avoid incurring losses in terms of time, materials & manpower.

Global Detailing Consultant Steel detailing services include:
  • Main steel detailing
  • Miscellaneous detailing
  • Connection detailing
  • Stair case detailing
  • Handrail / Guardrail detailing
  • Steel platforms detailing
  • Equipment resting structure detailing
  • Telecom structure detailing
  • Pipe supports detailing
  • Pipe rack detailing
  • Steel bridge detailing
  • Steel shed detailing etc

Global Detailing Consultant Understanding of steel detailing

  • Steel detailing requirements
  • Guidelines and country codes
  • Material standards
  • Connection standards
  • Bolt standards
  • Weld standards
  • Steel sections
  • Pipe rack detailing
  • Steel bridge detailing
  • Steel shed detailing etc..

Understanding of work process

  • Fabrication work process
  • Erection work process
  • Construction methods
  • Material handling
  • Stages of steel building work
  • Safety standards
  • Risk factors

We include in structural steel detailing services:

Metal Stud Wall                                Rebar Detailing

Steel Frame Structure Detail        Concrete Slab On Metal Deck Detail

Steel Roof Structure Detail           Steel Staircase Section

Steel Frame Detail                           Steel Stair Detailing

Portal Frame Connections            Steel Staircase Railing Design

Aluminium Façade Detail              Metal Stair Detail

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing      Revit Structural Detailing

Steel Balcony Detail                        Steel Structure Roof Detail

Steel Roof Detail Drawing             Steel Beam Detail

Metal Façade Detail                       Staircase Steel Drawing

Metal Handrail Detail                    Metal Staircase Detail Drawing

Round Steel Column Detail         Steel Stud Box Beam

Steel Stringer Staircase Detail     Metal Stud Framing Details

Industrial steel detailing              Structural steel detailing

Miscellaneous steel detailing      Shop drawing production

BIM modelling                               Fabrication support

Our Portfolio

Following are the Construction Projects We Have Catered So Far:

  • Commercial – Industrial – Highways
  • Civil – Healthcare – Educational
  • Multi-Use Residential – Institutional – Retail
  • Restaurants – Offices – Cogeneration Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants – Warehouses

Our Main Areas of North Carolina for Structural Detailing Services:

Global Detailing Consultant manages to serve a diverse range of clients throughout the different counties of North Carolina that are as follows:

Alamance County             Alexander County

Alleghany County             Anson County

Ashe County                      Avery County

Beaufort County               Bertie County

Bladen County                  Brunswick County

Buncombe County           Burke County

Cabarrus County              Caldwell County

Camden County                 Carteret County

Caswell County                 Catawba County

Chatham County              Cherokee County

Chowan County                 Clay County

Cleveland County             Columbus County

Craven County                  Cumberland County

Currituck County              Dare County

Davidson County              Davie County

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