Steel Detailing Company in USA

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Global Detailing Consultant is a Steel Structural Detailing Company in USA that specializes in providing high quality steel detailing services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering the best steel detailing solutions for our clients. From architectural detailing, to structural and beautiful steel structures, we are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs. Anchor Bolt Setting Plan Arrangements and Anchor Rod & Template details, Concrete Embeds Layouts and Details, All types of Columns, Beams and Bracings. All types of Steel Trusses. All types of Stairs. All types of Ladders. All Types of Handrails and Guardrails Layouts and Details. Gratings and Floor Plates Layouts and Details. Girt arrangement and detail drawings (structural shapes). Preparation of Unfolded drawings for Pipe materials. Single part drawings /Gather Sheets preparation. Pipe Rack Supporting Structures.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing accurate and efficient steel detailing services for all types of projects. We have extensive experience in working with large scale projects as well as small scale ones.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, we can provide the best solutions for your needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality services at competitive prices so that they can get the most out of their investment.  Our professional steel detailing services are ideal for: Property Renovations and Maintenance Contractors Residential Construction Commercial Construction Industrial Construction. Our company is dedicated to providing professional steel detailing services for the construction industry, including property renovations and maintenance.

We offer high-quality finishing options available in both residential and commercial settings. For example, we can create a structural truss for a home addition with architectural support and fireproofing. We also offer steel detailing services that are perfect for industrial properties of any size such as metal fabrication, manufacturing plants, warehouses, or distribution centres.

Our mission is to deliver excellent structural steel design and detailing services. We utilize the latest technologies and applications to ensure fast and efficient services. Our solutions are cost-effective, delivered on-time, with a high-level of quality. Moreover, all final designs undergo rigorous scrutiny and inspection prior to being released to our clients.

Our aim is to deliver precise structural drafting & detailing services in a timely fashion and with zero mistakes. We strive for accuracy and excellence in our work.

Steel Detailing Company in USA
Steel Detailing Company in USA

Global Detailing Consultant is an ideal choice for steel detailers from all kinds of backgrounds – from fabricators to contractors, from designers to structural engineers. We offer an extensive range of solutions that ensure fulfilling each and every one of our clients’ needs. We are a premier steel detailing firm, with the technical know-how and personnel resources necessary to take on up to 25,000 tons of detailing every month., serving all over the world. As a premier steel detailing firm, we offer an extensive range of solutions that ensure fulfilling each and every one of our clients’ needs. We are a premier steel detailing firm, with the technical know-how and personnel resources necessary to take on up to 25,000 tons of detailing every month, serving all over the world.

Global Detailing Consultant Specialization in Steel Detailing includes:

Structural Steel Detailing               Shop/Fabrication Drawings

(Column, Beam, Brace, Stair, Handrail, Ladders, Etc).

Structural 3D Modeling                 Quality Take-Off Services

General Arrangement                    Erection Drawings For Connections

Single Part/ Fittings Drawings     Advanced Bill Of Materials (ABM)

Steel Joist & Deck Detailing          Miscellaneous Metal Detailing

Steel Detailing & 3D Modeling    2D Drafting And 3D Modeling

Steel Estimation                                Connection Sketches

Drawing Index                                   Advance Material List

Global Detailing Consultant Service Capabilities Includes

Industrial Structures       Commercial Buildings

Institutional Buildings     Chemical Plants

Residential Buildings       Towers

Foundation Structures   Parking Garages.

Bridges                                 Modular Structures.

A wise choice for any business is to put in more time & effort on structural steel detailing. Doing so can save you time & money at your workshop, as well as make the workers’ tasks much easier at the site location. The precision offered by steel detailing is unbeatable!

The installation cost is greatly reduced due to the detailed insights our workers possess, which helps them precisely know where to place the product. We understand that having 99% accuracy in our process isn’t enough for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Main Areas of USA for Structural Steel Detailing Services:
Global Detailing Consultant manages to serve a diverse range of clients throughout the different counties of USA that are as follows:

Alabama              Alaska

Arizona                 Arkansas

California             Colorado

Connecticut        Delaware

Florida                 Georgia

Hawaii                 Idaho

Illinois                 Indiana

Iowa                      Kansas

Kentucky             Louisiana

Maine                   Maryland

Massachusetts  Michigan

Minnesota          Mississippi

Missouri              Montana

Nebraska             Nevada

New Hampshire New Jersey

New Mexico       New York

North Carolina   North Dakota

Ohio                      Oklahoma

Oregon                 Pennsylvania

Rhode Island      South Carolina

South Dakota     Tennessee

Texas                    Utah

Vermont              Virginia

Washington        West Virginia

Wisconsin            Wyoming

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